đŸĒ›The problem with Shaders

In the BedrockConnect documentation, it's crucial to emphasize that due to technical limitations and the nature of graphics processing in Minecraft, Shader Resource Packs and Raytracing are not supported on consoles. The use of special resource packs that enable Raytracing on the Bedrock Edition for PCs cannot be implemented through BedrockConnect on consoles.

Since the update to version 1.18.30, traditional shaders have been removed from the Bedrock Edition, preventing their use on consoles. The graphics processing has significantly changed with the introduction of Render Dragon and other rendering engines. Consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox do not allow the activation of advanced graphics settings required for shaders or Raytracing.

However, it's important to note that normal Resource Packs, which do not utilize specific graphic enhancements like shaders or Raytracing, continue to function on consoles through BedrockConnect. This limitation applies exclusively to advanced graphical adjustments. Normal Resource Packs, used to change textures and appearances in the game, remain accessible and usable for console users via BedrockConnect.

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