📄Additional Features of the App

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Removing Servers

To remove a server from your list:

  1. Select the server you wish to remove.

  2. Tap "Edit," then "Delete Server".

Sorting Servers

Arrange the order of servers in your list by:

  1. Pressing and holding a server entry.

  2. Moving it up or down as desired.

Custom Serverpacks Setup

The app automatically detects and configures encrypted serverpacks using the Subpack method for effortless usage.

Switch between "Featured" or "Custom" server lists with a simple slide to the right or left.

Deleting Resource Packs

Remove an imported Resource Pack by selecting it and tapping on "Delete Pack."

Texture Packs Management

Expand or collapse texture pack lists for a clearer overview, especially useful for managing numerous imported packs.

Copying IP Addresses

Easily copy a server's IP address by selecting the server and tapping on the displayed IP. It's instantly copied to your clipboard.

Server Ping Explanation

The m/s values indicate the server's ping time, with Green [0-80 m/s] signaling perfect connection, Yellow [80-175 m/s] as acceptable, and Red [175+ m/s] denoting poor connection.

Understanding Connection Errors

A "Connection Error" indicates the app's inability to reach or receive a response from the server.

Changing Languages

Accidentally chose the wrong language? Change it by going to settings (gear icon) > "Language" and select your preference.

Accessing Terms and Policies

Find information on Terms, Privacy Policy, and Legal Notice by tapping the gear icon followed by the circled 'i' symbol.

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