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Overview of BedrockConnect Premium Features

Say Goodbye to Ads

  • Description: Enjoy an ad-free experience with BedrockConnect Premium. Launch your server seamlessly without enduring annoying advertisements, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted start to your gaming session.

Unlimited Personal Servers

  • Description: The limitation of three servers is a thing of the past with BedrockConnect Premium. Add an unlimited number of servers to your personal list, opening up endless possibilities for exploration and community building.

Resource Packs Selector

  • Description: BedrockConnect Premium allows you to customize your Minecraft world exactly to your liking by importing and activating an unlimited number of Resource Packs. This premium feature offers you the highest level of customization and enables individual optimization of your game, similar to the flexibility that defines Minecraft. With the enhanced Resource Packs Selector, the power of design is entirely in your hands.

Integrate Custom Server Packs


Subpacks are a feature in Minecraft Bedrock Edition that allows the user to choose between different texture configurations. They are primarily intended for texture resolutions tailored to various storage capacities but can also be used to create file variations in resource packs.

The server is not stopped after the first join.

The server will not be stopped once a connection is established, allowing you to join multiple times without it being halted.

The use of our Pack-Grabber System is subject to certain restrictions. Detailed information and guidelines regarding these restrictions are accessible through the following link: Learn More.

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