🎮Switch [only IOS]


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For the Switch [ IOS / APPLE ONLY ] 🎮🍏

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BedrockConnect App Part v1

  1. Open the App: Launch the BedrockConnect app and confirm all the critical information. 📱

  2. Enable Switch Support: Go to the settings and enable "Switch Support." Then, return to the home screen. ⚙ī¸

  1. Add a Server: Click on the "+" symbol to add a new server. ➕

  1. Enter Server Details: Enter the IP address and port of the desired Bedrock server. Ensure the server is compatible with the Bedrock Edition! 🌐

  1. Custom Server List: Navigate to your custom server list, click on the added server. A menu will display all server information, including your iPhone's IPv4 address for the Switch (e.g., 📝

  1. Start the Server: Launch the server directly from the app. Ensure the BedrockConnect app remains active and your iPhone does not enter sleep mode. 🚀🔋

Switch Settings Part 🕹ī¸

  1. Internet Settings: Go to the Switch's system settings, select "Internet," and then "Internet Settings." ⚙ī¸

  1. Change DNS: Choose "Change Settings" and navigate to the DNS settings. Select "Manual." 🔧

  1. Set DNS: Enter the IP from Step 5 in "Primary DNS." Alternatively, you can use or as "Secondary DNS." 📡

  1. Restart: Click on "Save" and completely restart the Switch. 🔄

BedrockConnect Part v2 🌍

  1. Check the Server: Ensure the server in the BedrockConnect app is still running. đŸ•ĩī¸â€â™‚ī¸

  2. Launch Minecraft: Open Minecraft on the Switch. 🎮

  3. Join Mojang Server: Join one of the featured servers by Mojang (e.g., Lifeboat or Pixelparadise) 🚀

You are not redirected to a server? See here

Done! You will now be automatically redirected to the desired server. Enjoy your game! 🎉🎮

Please note that to play online on Switch consoles, a membership for the respective console is required. For Switch, you need "Nintendo Switch Online" . Without these memberships, you will not be able to play online or use the app.

This process is specifically for iOS devices in conjunction with using the Nintendo Switch. Ensure the app remains active and the Switch is correctly configured for a successful connection.

Important to Know:

  • The app is not a proxy. Once you are on the desired server, you can completely close the app and are not dependent on it.

  • Please note that the server must be online and support the latest version.

  • Strictly speaking, you are joining two servers: first BedrockConnect, then your desired server. So, you first land on the local server and will be kicked with a reference to the "IP:PORT" of the desired server (technically: Transfer Packet) and then land there afterward. Be aware that if you cannot join the server, the app is usually not to blame, especially during the second entry.

  • For iOS/Apple device owners, an iOS popup should appear in the app asking if you want to activate "Local Networks." This must be activated for the app to function fully. If it is not enabled, it will not appear in the Minecraft Friends tab. If you accidentally did not activate this feature or if you were not prompted, please click on this link for assistance.

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