📑Can I Extract and Use the Serverpack Myself?

The answer varies depending on your operating system


General Rule of Thumb: If the unsupported server pack stops working, it is likely a sign that the server has changed, updated, or removed its server pack. Please check this. You are responsible for ensuring that the server pack you obtain yourself is always up to date.

For Non-Windows 10/11 Users:

For Windows 10/11 Users:

Follow these steps.

  1. Connect to the Server: Choose "Download & Join" when prompted to enter the server from which you want to extract the serverpack.

  • Tip: Under Minecraft Settings -> Storage -> Cached Data, you can find the name of the serverpack you want to extract.

  1. Open the File Path: Press the Windows Key + R, type

  • Confirm with "OK"

  • Locate the Serverpack: Use the information from the optional tip to identify the correct serverpack.

  1. Extract and Use: Compress the serverpack folder into a .zip file, transfer it to your device, and select it in BedrockConnect. Ensure that "Server Packs" is enabled in the settings.

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