🔐What is encrypted and unencrypted serverpack?

🔓 Unencrypted:

Select this tag if the serverpack is unencrypted. Unencrypted serverpacks theoretically allow changing all textures and thus offer more flexibility.

BedrockConnect does not overwrite any files in the server packs. As a result, you won't be missing anything in-game, nor will you see things not intended by the server.

🔐 Encrypted:

Select this tag if the serverpack is encrypted. Encrypted serverpacks cannot be altered as the files cannot be opened or read. In this case, BedrockConnect creates a subfolder for the pack and an entry in the manifest.json file. This might also be why the resource pack you're trying to add isn't working fully.

Recognizing Differences: An unencrypted serverpack doesn't contain a contents.json file and allows the reading of its file contents, while an encrypted serverpack has a contents.json file and the contents appear only as a string of letters and characters.

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