đŸĢĨSolution for the CubeCraft Serverpack Download Issue

Solution for the CubeCraft Serverpack Download Issue

With the 1.20.30 update, Minecraft introduced a new feature that is used not only by us at BedrockConnect to fix a known serverpack download bug but also by CubeCraft. A significant change is that serverpacks are now loaded via URLs instead of chunk bits. However, this leads to a problem currently exclusive to CubeCraft: If your Minecraft client is asked by the server whether you have certain serverpacks with the UUID "x-x-x" and version "x.x.x.x", and you only have one of them because you've already downloaded a pack via BedrockConnect, all four serverpacks will be downloaded again. This process deletes the serverpack previously obtained through BedrockConnect, causing you to lose your resource pack.

But worry not, at BedrockConnect, we've naturally prepared a solution for this issue:

  1. Connect as usual through the Minecraft feature option to the CubeCraft server to receive all required packs. If you are a Switch player, you can connect directly to CubeCraft via BedrockConnect. Important: Do not close BedrockConnect and do not stop the server!

  2. After you've been on the server, leave it. Then go to the Minecraft settings and navigate to "Storage" -> "Cached Data".

  1. There, you must delete a specific serverpack from CubeCraft. Currently, it is the "CubeCraft Game Resource Pack", as of 09.03.2024. You need to remove this.

  2. Afterward, you can re-download your custom resource pack via BedrockConnect and access CubeCraft again.

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