📃Is a Serverpack Necessary and Why?


In most cases, you don't need a server pack, as BedrockConnect already offers extensive support for numerous servers. The team behind BedrockConnect also endeavors to maintain support for these servers and keep the server pack up to date.

However, there may be instances where a server is removed from the list for various reasons, such as our bot being banned from their server, the bot being unable to access the server for unexplained reasons, and so on.

Which servers are "supported" by BedrockConnect? Click here to see.

Detailed Answer:

A server can provide its own resource packs (=serverpack), which players are required to download. The server checks in the background whether the player has a corresponding pack in the cache matching the information in the manifest file (xxx-UUID, x.x.x-Version) and identified as a resource pack. The client then responds to this query with:

  1. Yes, I have the pack and will use it now.

  2. No, I don't have it, please send it to me.

  3. I have the pack, but it's outdated. Please send me the current version.

WARNING! Not every server has a server pack, and it is not a compulsory requirement for servers. Server packs serve to simplify and enhance the gaming experience or to fix resource pack bugs. It is up to each individual server to decide whether to use one. If a server does not have a server pack, then the entire process with BedrockConnect or the complete method will not work!!!!!!!

BedrockConnect exploits this mechanism by using either a provided (our own server pack) or automatic system to obtain the pack and keep it up to date. Before you join the server, the app downloads the server pack in the background (if the server is supported) and combines it with your selected resource pack.

When you join the BedrockConnect-Local Server, the combined server pack is downloaded and cached. Afterward, you are kicked and automatically directed to the desired server, which then inquires if you have "this" pack. Since your client communicates with the server only based on UUIDs, versions, and manifest type, the modification of the server pack goes unnoticed. As long as it matches, there should be no issues.

This process does not overwrite or damage any files of the server pack, ensuring that you do not experience any disadvantages or UI errors in the game. However, one downside of this approach is that not all features of the resource pack can be used. For example, add-ons like "Client" or "X-Ray" resource packs, which use special folder structures, will not work. These folders are also used by servers, such as the UI-Json folder. Since the resource pack is not overwritten or damaged, certain features intentionally do not work. However, there will be servers where these features will be usable, and these will be appropriately marked in the app.

Why are large servers like "RushNation" or "Skatic" not on the Supported List?

Fundmentally, we face a challenge that our automatic system has certain limitations which it must circumvent. Unfortunately, we can't bypass all restrictions, and some anti-cheat systems have already blocked our system. The inclusion in our supported list depends on several factors:

  1. Server Accessibility: Our system is based in the European Union, and it takes a significantly long time to connect to American servers, for example.

  2. Size and Number of Server Packs: The larger and more numerous the server packs, the more problematic it is.

  3. Effectiveness of Anti-Cheat Measures (Anti-Bot Detection).

  4. Presence of Anti-VPN Systems.

  5. Region Where Our System Lands: This is actually important as different regions may have different server packs.

  6. Our bot has been banned: We are no longer so unknown that some servers have banned our bot for incomprehensible reasons.

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