👾UI Addons / Shaders doesn't work

UI Addons

The UI addons theme must fulfill certain requirements so that you can use a UI addon resource package on a server. The app does not currently support this.

UI Addons like "Java animation, Xray, custom Inventory, resource packs Clients", etc.


The topic of shaders is addressed in more detail when you click here. Even if it were to work, we would have marked this in the app for the respective servers.

Please note that the BedrockConnect app is designed exclusively for the use of Resource Packs / Texture Packs. Other types of modifications, including but not limited to shaders, modpacks, addons, clients and skin packs, are not supported. The app only processes the contents of the "Front", "Textures", "Sounds" and "Particles" folders from the texture packs.

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