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BedrockConnect App: Resource Pack Application Guide


The BedrockConnect App enhances your Minecraft server experience by allowing the application of resource packs. This guide provides essential information on how to effectively use resource packs with the app.

Important Considerations

  • Resource Pack Types: The app supports both .ZIP and .MCPACK file formats. Ensure that you are using resource packs compatible with Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Note: Bedrock Edition packs are not interchangeable with Java Edition packs.

Applying Resource Packs

  1. Combining Packs: Multiple resource packs can be combined in the app. The first pack in the list takes precedence and overrides any similar textures in subsequent packs.

  2. Texture Conflicts: If two packs contain the same texture, the one from the topmost pack will be displayed. For instance:

    • Pack 1 contains dirt.png

    • Pack 2 also contains dirt.png

    • dirt.png from Pack 1 will be used due to its higher priority in the list.

  1. Subpacks Handling: The app also supports subpacks. For a detailed guide on subpacks, please visit this link.

Please note that the BedrockConnect app is designed exclusively for the use of Resource Packs / Texture Packs. Other types of modifications, including but not limited to shaders, modpacks, addons, clients and skin packs, are not supported. The app only processes the contents of the "Front", "Texts", "Textures", "Sounds" and "Particles" folders from the texture packs.

Server Pack Compatibility

  • Automatic Integration: The app does not overwrite or damage crucial server pack files. It seamlessly integrates the chosen resource pack with the server pack when starting a server.

  • Server Requirements: For optimal functionality, ensure the server you are connecting to supports the BedrockConnect server pack. For unsupported servers, some features may not work as intended.

Why is my Xray, client, custom inventory, etc pack not working on the server? See here

Important Considerations for Low-End Consoles

Warning: Owners of less powerful consoles should select lower-resolution or simpler Subpacks to prevent performance issues such as slow loading, laggy gameplay, and potential crashes.

  • Lower-Resolution Subpacks: Optimal for enhancing performance on weaker consoles.

  • Performance Impact: Be aware that high-resolution textures can strain your console. Choose wisely based on your device's capabilities.

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