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Please note that the BedrockConnect app is designed exclusively for the use of Resource Packs / Texture Packs. Other types of modifications, including but not limited to shaders, modpacks, addons, clients and skin packs, are not supported. The app only processes the contents of the "Front", "Textures", "Texts", "Sounds" and "Particles" folders from the texture packs.

Obtaining the Minecraft Classic Pack

  1. Start by getting the Minecraft Classic Pack from the Marketplace for free. Navigate to the Marketplace, search for "Minecraft Classic," acquire it at no cost, and download it.

Preparing Singleplayer Worlds

  1. Go to your singleplayer worlds, select your preferred world, and navigate to "Resource Packs." Here, search for and activate the "Minecraft Classic Pack."

The Next Step

  1. Leave the world, head to the main menu settings, and then to "Global Resources." Find the "Minecraft Classic Pack," activate it, press the green checkmark, and then select "delete."

Using BedrockConnect

  1. Open the BedrockConnect app and add your preferred resource pack under "Texture." Detailed instructions can be found in the app. After adding your pack, choose "Singleplayer" from the "Custom" list and start the process.

The Final Boss: Minecraft Loading Screen

  1. Completely restart Minecraft. Make no changes. Close the game and let it restart fully. This step is crucial to the process.

In Conclusion

  1. Go to your friends list, join the displayed local server, and download the pack. Then join your configured singleplayer world. If Minecraft prompts you to download the Minecraft Classic Pack, just do it. It's part of the process and should work!

If You Close Minecraft, Want a New Resource Pack, or Restart Minecraft

  1. Each time you restart Minecraft, start the game anew, or change Resource Packs, you must repeat most of the process.

    1. You need to delete the Minecraft Classic Pack again since it gets redownloaded when joining a world. Refer to Step 3 for this.

    2. Afterwards, you can join your singleplayer world with the desired Resource Packs!

Additional Notes:

It's possible for your friend to join your world with a different pack, provided they have also completed the necessary BedrockConnect step to add the resource pack. The pack will be cached as a server pack.

You can change the resource pack at any time, but you'll likely need to redo the entire process and remove the pack from your server pack cache.

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