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To use a Resource Pack on a server, follow these steps:

ATTENTION: FOR TECHNICAL REASONS, THIS ONLY WORKS ON IOS/APPLE DEVICES. It employs a completely different method of joining the server and DOES NOT RUN VIA "LAN GAMES."

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Please note that the BedrockConnect app is designed exclusively for the use of Resource Packs / Texture Packs. Other types of modifications, including but not limited to shaders, modpacks, addons, clients and skin packs, are not supported. The app only processes the contents of the "Front", "Texts", "Textures", "Sounds" and "Particles" folders from the texture packs.

General Steps for All Consoles:

  1. Go to the "Textures" section of the app and import a Resource Pack. Choose a valid Minecraft Bedrock-compatible Resource Pack.

  2. Select the Resource Pack and activate it.

Please note that not every Resource Pack will work on servers! Learn more here.

  1. Restart Minecraft to clear the server pack cache.

  2. Start the supported server in the BedrockConnect app. Here is the list of supported servers.

  3. Join the featured server on your console!

Done! The pack will be downloaded, and you will be redirected to the desired server.

How can I change my resource pack?

All you have to do is restart your Minecraft!

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