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Beta Feature and Minecraft Versions: A Guide for BedrockConnect Users

The beta feature of BedrockConnect is an innovative solution that allows us to keep the app compatible with the latest version of Minecraft remotely. This means that we can respond to sudden updates from Minecraft without users having to constantly download updates for the app or wait for an update.

How It Works:

By integrating protocol and version numbers into our system, BedrockConnect can query and potentially support the latest version of Minecraft without needing to update the app itself.

Potential Challenges:

  • Confusion in the Friends Tab: Displaying an outdated Minecraft version in the Friends Tab can cause confusion, as the app by default shows the supported native version. We understand that this can be confusing; however, we are currently unable to update the displayed version remotely.

  • Changes in Login Procedure: If Minecraft makes fundamental changes to the login procedure (joining servers), our remote support feature could be compromised. In such cases, an update to the app would be necessary to restore compatibility.

  • Disconnects: Aggressive behavior from Minecraft, such as direct disconnections (disconnects) following an update, may occur. Such issues are typically resolved by an update from either Minecraft or the BedrockConnect app. It can be difficult to pinpoint exactly where the problem lies.

Final Thoughts:

Our aim is to provide users with a seamless experience and minimize the need for constant manual updates. We are committed to finding solutions for the challenges mentioned and making the BedrockConnect app as user-friendly as possible.

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